Explore our family of military-grade stereo cameras and sensors.

An image of a device from Carnegie Robotics

CRL makes the most rugged and reliable vision systems on the market.

Our products are used in the harshest environments on the planet while using proprietary stereo matching algorithms to provide the best performing stereo camera.
rugged design image

Rugged Design

All of our products are built and tested to withstand the harshest environments on the planet.
Extreme vibration
Extreme vibration
Wide thermal range image
Wide thermal range
Highly sensitive leak checks
Dusty and wet environments

In-house Manufacturing

Every Carnegie Robotics product is built at our facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We've designed our processes to scale with the most important factor in mind—quality.
ISO 9001-2015 Certified
ISO 9001-2015 Certified
Advanced Manufacturing Software
Tooling with integrated RFID image
Tooling with integrated RFID

Proprietary Calibration

All of our cameras are calibrated with our proprietary, semi-global stereo matching algorithm right here at the factory. This automated process ensures optimized and consistent performance.
No field calibration required image
No field calibration required
Optimal stereo matching image
Optimal stereo matching
Maximum calibration stability image
Maximum calibration stability