stallion program from carnegie robotics
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Includes all features of BASE plus Sensor Package and power upgrade
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Key features of the


Ruggedization and Performance Upgrades

  • High Impact Body Ruggedization Kit
  • Custom PVT air intake for increased reliability in the field. 

Power Upgrades

  • High draw 24v alternator producing 3.6Kw. Power demand at any RPM.
  •  Large capacity 85 Ah LiFePo4 battery
    • Allows for 3 full hours of engine off autonomy use  
    • Industry leading safety means E-STOPS kill engines not autonomy. Keep your crucial logs saving

Onboard Autonomous Vision Payload

  •  Drive by Wire with EPS, electronic throttle control, and automated shifting controller.
  •  SIL 3 Certified, FORT remote control and End Point Controller
    • Allows for line-of-sight operations or long-range E-stop via a local network (Silvus) 
  • (3) Ouster Lidars, available in 35, 64 or 128 channels of resolution
  • 2 SwiftNav GNSS/INSS Receiver
  • 3 hyper rugged, Multisense 3D vision cameras with IMU and onboard processing
    • Full Frame disparity calculations
    • Excellent low light performance
    • Edge Compute and feature tracking

Onboard Driver Safety

  • Dual fire suppression system
  • Dual 3”  5-point racing harness
  • Multi-single inputs to transition from autonomy back to manual control some text
    • Applying the brake or throttle or turning the steering wheel will exit auto mode and give complete control to the safety operator (manned operation) 

Birth of Stallion

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January 2021

DARPA RACER Announcement
Carnegie Robotics LLC, wins GFX contract

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November 2021

RACER Fleet Vehicle Unveiling (RFV)
CRL hosts all performer teams for RFV training and official kickoff
View Unveiling

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January 2022

RFV Delivery to performer teams
Second set of RACER Fleet Vehicles delivered to performer teams

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March 2022

Field Experiment 1
View Experiment

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September 2022

Field Experiment 2
Unveiling of upgraded RFV with Remote Control (RC) capabilities
View Experiment

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January 2023

Block 2 RFV
CRL delivered Block-2 RFVs to performer teams

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March 2023

Field Experiment 3
Test runs during this experiment were with the first fully autonomous opertation (no manned driver), with a safety operator overseeing in a supporting chase vehicle
View Experiment

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August 2023

Additional Block 2 RFV deliveries
Delivered a second Block-2 RFV to each performer team for a total of 13 total RFV builds

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October 2023

Field Experiment 4
Continued RFV testing

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November 2023

Stallion program inception
Inception of the Stallion Program to re-design for new base platform and Drive-by-wire (DBW) system for sale to independent users

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December 2023

Final RFV build
Completed remaining four Block-2 RFVs for a total of 17

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February 2024

Delivery of first Stallion unit
CRL ships first Stallion Vehicle (Unlimited Build) to end-user