Engineering Autonomy

How we develop world-class machine vision components
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Component Development
Develop and produce full-service solutions specializing in stereo cameras and positioning systems.
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Platform Integration
Integrate our proprietary, cutting edge sensors into existing Defense and Commercial OEM platforms.
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Autonomy Development
Develop autonomy through advanced algorithms and machine learning, by collecting and processing data from our sensors.
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Stereo Cameras and Autonomous Systems

Carnegie Robotics is the leading provider of advanced machine vision and sensing technology. We offer a range of camera products that encompass stereo vision, smart monocular imagery, and multi-modal imaging platforms. Our cameras are the most rugged and reliable on the market.
Proven product development capabilities, focused on ruggedized components for perception, computing, and positioning
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Environmentally hardened stereo with on-board computing
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Passive sensing suitable for military use
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Inertial navigation and pose estimation components


We develop full-stack autonomous systems and ruggedized products for a range of industry leaders who aspire to solve the world's hardest problems.
Explore defense applications
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Material Handling
Proud to partner with industry leaders


Carnegie Robotics specializes in both Defense and Commercial partnerships with industry leading OEMs, working quickly and efficiently, while remaining compliant with regulations. Our partnerships thrive thanks to our world class experience and flexibility to adapt to the project’s needs and timelines.

Standoff Robotic Explosive Hazard Detection (SREHD)

Carnegie Robotics engages in several large, long-term projects with the United States Department of Defense. A prime example of this partnership can be seen in our development of SREHD, a semi-autonomous mine and IED detection system entirely designed, built, and supported by Carnegie Robotics for use by the US Military. This program of record is key to keeping our soldiers safe. SREHD can remotely detect, mark, and neutralize hazardous mines and IEDs underground. In 2020, Carnegie Robotics successfully delivered on a Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) phase for the program, and we continue to iterate for future phases.

Nilfisk Liberty SC50

A prime example of the scale in which we aim to achieve, Carnegie Robotics is engaged in a partnership with Nilfisk, the world leader in floor care. With Nilfisk, we produce the only third-party safety certified autonomous floor scrubber on the planet to be used in crowded human environments. Carnegie Robotics supplies the full autonomy kit to Nilfisk consisting of a state-of-the-art stereo camera and compute box in addition to a patented UV light system for killing COVID like pathogens, all for outfit on the SC50 scrubber system. There are currently upwards of a thousand units deployed globally and providing safe, autonomous floor care.